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Consulting Services

Our evocative approach positions us as an idea company, offering our clients creative and innovative solutions.  We work hard to uncover value and provide solutions that most have never seen or even thought about while recognizing risks others ignore.

Consulting Focus

Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits

Providing companies with cost effective tools to better attract and retain executive talent while providing ways for executives and companies to accumulate wealth on a tax favored basis.


Financial Institutions

Mezrah Consulting has been providing financial institutions with consulting services for over 25 years. We specialize in repositioning bank assets into tax favored structures and in designing, funding, financing, implementing and administering executive benefit plans. 


Private Clients

Mezrah Consulting’s Private Client Group provides strategic wealth accumulation, wealth protection, and wealth transfer planning to C-level executives, ultra net worth individuals, and family offices. In working with our clients and their advisors, we share ideas and provide analysis that are relevant to solving a client’s planning objectives.


Executive Compensation

Mezrah Consulting's §16 practice provides a full range of executive compensation services to companies and their Board of Directors. Those services include competitive analysis, plan design, regulatory compliance, and communication consulting.

DCIS Domestic Captive Insurance Structure

Domestic Captive Insurance Structures (DCIS)

This corporate planning and consulting initiative involves determining the business risks of a company and exploring the insurability of those risks in a cost and tax effective way. We take into consideration the company’s structure, size and current financial position from a cash flow and P&L perspective to build a financial model which is used to determine the annual premium. 

Executive Benefits
Bank Practice
Private Clients
Executive Compensation
Domestic Captive Insurance Structure (DCIS)
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